Monday, 2 November 2015


Rahina 2 whiringa-a-rangi
WAlT: Write and describe with detail an event from our weekend.

On the weekend it was cool because we got chased down the road from some dirt bikers.  It was at 2 o’clock in the morning because we were just strolling through town. It was extremely cold because I was wearing shorts and they were doing wheelies on the dirt bikes.

They were getting chased from the cops and they were going really fast.  It was loud and they were just going so fast so their dirt bikes would get away from the cops.
There was back up on their way but they were too slow.

It was funny but when we were walking home we saw the dirt bikes and there was a black skyline following them and doing burnouts.  He was doing curve to curve and it was twin turboed.  My uncle started to do some burnouts
with them then we videoed them doing drifts.
My uncle asked Bay and I if we wanted a turn.  We couldn't touch the ground, they were KTM 250cc powerband which means it was fast as.  It was extremely fun but I was nervous at the same time.

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