Thursday, 20 November 2014

At School

At School
I stayed at school because I was only a year 5 and only the year sixes could go. They went to transitions.Transitions is a time when you are in the last year of school and then you go to another school to see what it would be like at your new school.
At School
While I was at school. I helped do the hangi. I peeled the kumara and potatoes. But you had to bring your own peeler.I peeled a big kumara.

Okaihau College
I am going to Okaihau College because my mum thinks it is a good education for me.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Cuture Festival

It was cool when we did kapa haka. We did good but I think we went fast on the haka. At dress rehearsals we did'nt do very well .But then we pulled it off in the end. Whaea Mary played the guitar. She is good at the guitar. Our songs were E wai e taia , Eminaka , Haka ,Te Whare O Nga Puhi.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014


Yesterday room 15 went to culture festival rehearsals at Nortland College. We had to do kapahaka. We had to wear black undies or black shorts.We had to wear a puipui over our black shorts and undies.When we did the haka, Kee-jae was the boys leader.My favourite kapahaka group was Tautoro because they were very good. Our songs were Aotearoa , Te Whare Tapu O Ngapuhi , Eminaka , Haka and Putahi. We went flat on Aorearoa and we decided to sing another song.

Thursday, 18 September 2014


Ko Ngatokimatawhourua te waka
Ko Kirioke te maunga
Ko Pungakitere te awa
Ko Te IrInga te marae
Ko Ngatitautahi te tapu
Ko Ngapuhi te iwi
Ko Ruku toku ingoa

Friday, 8 August 2014

What I learnt this week at Kohewhata marae

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I learnt this week that at Kohewhata marae the person standing in front of the marae , on the ground his name is Rahiri.I learnt how to make the vacum  better for its suction.

Friday, 13 June 2014

Working on blog,popplet

What happened?
Today we used a website called Popplet.  Popplet is a brainstorming tool.  The cool thing about it is you can upload pictures and videos and share your work with people I know.  We had to sign up for it by writing our name and email address.  Then we could use it.  Keejae and TeTai shared their one with me.  It was about our blogs.  We learnt about Blogging too.  Blogs let us share our work with our family and anyone in the world.

What did I learn?
I learnt how to use Popplet and the tools to make the popplet look better.  It is fun to share your work with other people and get their ideas.  I learnt how to make posts on my blog like this one.  I leanrt that blogs are good for sharing your ideas with people all over the world.

So what?
So if i go on to poppet again I know what to do and when I go on my blog there will be my writing. 

My movie